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Sunday Walk Information

Most Sundays throughout the year we run a coach which takes members to a wide variety of locations where we offer 2 – 3 walks. Full information about each walk is provided online. In addition individual members can choose to do their own walk, or together with others in a small group. On a Sunday there is not an option to travel separately by car or bus. The economics of running a coach require that all walkers travel by coach (apart from in exceptional circumstances if the coach is full and we are running a circular walk).

Walk Difficulty

A walks (harder) : 9 – 15 miles. A steady, moderate pace, sometimes over rough ground and may include some mild scrambling to reach mountain peaks.

B walks (moderate): 8 – 12 miles. A good walk, which can include walking over rougher ground with some ups and downs. A steady pace but with plenty of stops.

C walks (easier): 5 – 8 miles. Generally lower level, and may include small hills but at an easy pace with lots of rests.

Coach & Pickup Information

The coach can carry up to 53 walkers. Seats have to be booked and paid for in advance. We normally have between 35 and 50 walkers on a Sunday. Please see the coach booking form. We will try to make sure there is a club member who will look out for you if you are new to our walks. The front 2 rows of seats are reserved for the walk leaders. Otherwise sit on any available seat for the day.

There are different routes for the Coach depending on the area where we are walking. The two starting points are Bradford (Nelson Street – opposite the car park) or Keighley (outside Speaks, near bus station). There are intermediate stops including Saltaire, Bingley, Keighley, Kildwick.

At Bradford the coach pickup time is normally 9.00 am, the exception is 08.30 for Lake District walks. If starting at Keighley the pickup time is always 8.30 am.

If you are on a Sunday walk for the first time, we recommend starting off with either the medium or easier walks. If you would like further information you are welcome to get in touch with one of our contacts.

Please go to full screen on Google Maps to see pick up details of
Routes 1, 2, 3, 4 and K routes.

All walkers need to be appropriately dressed for the weather and have suitable footwear. Please see our pages on Safety and Equipment. You will need to bring enough food and drink for a day’s walk. We do not normally stop at cafes, pubs etc. during the walks, but there is usually an opportunity at the end of the walk to get some refreshment before the coach returns.

The return time is based on the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and British Summer Time (BST). From late October to April the coach leaves at
5.00 pm GMT and from April to October it leaves at 6.00 pm (BST). The coach returns walkers to their original pickup point.

Our coach is hired from J.A.K.

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