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Hazards & Insurance

Our members have lots of experience so if you are new to walking you can ask us about clothing and equipment.
Although walking is a very safe activity, it is still possible to trip or fall or become ill or be affected by adverse weather.

Please be properly prepared and take reasonable care.

“Our insurance company advises that “all sporting and leisure activities have inherent hazards associated with them. Rambling is no exception. In spite of the safety of members always being the paramount concern, accidents will occasionally occur. It is important therefore, that when entering into the activity, each member appreciates that they have a responsibility to identify the hazards associated with the activity and take all reasonable precautions to eliminate or minimise the potential for an accident to arise.”

It is worth looking at the following two sites, even though you will be walking with a group

Advice from the Ramblers Association

Mountain safety for high level routes or bad weather

link with PNFS

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